Astrology can be a wonderful tool for self-knowledge. It's a symbolic language that can help you understand yourself, your relationships, and the nature of your path in life. Astrology also illuminates the phase or cycle that you are in at any particular time. The perspective offered by reflecting on your astrological chart can help you glean meaning and purpose from what is unfolding in your life, or in your own nature.

In an astrological session, we'll explore the main themes of your birthchart. It's fascinating to see how the story of your chart interweaves with the story of your life. Our session is collaborative in that I'm interested in how the astrological archetypes are living in you, and interacting with your choices and free will. 

There are no bad signs, no negative transits. I enjoy sharing the gifts and potential symbolized in your birth chart. We'll look at your transits, which show the phase of life that you are in right now. This can help you get a clear sense of your opportunity for growth at this time. It is also fine if there is something you are particularly interested in looking at from an astrological perspective.

An astrological session is a reminder that there is order, meaning, and purpose in your life. I find that its greatest gift is the sense that you can trust yourself, the timing of your own life, and ultimately, life itself.




Astrological Consultations

I've been a practicing astrologer for over 35 years. I enjoy integrating a psychological understanding and spiritual orientation with the cosmological perspective that astrology offers.
It's an honor for me to dwell with you in the sacred space of an astrology session and reflect with you on the mystery of your soul's code.

I am offering astrology sessions by phone.

Fee:  $296

A session is 75 minutes.

I accept payment through Venmo (@roloughran) or the Paypal button below, which allows you to use your credit card. 

Once you are offered an appointment time, your payment confirms this date. Thanks!

 I'll also send you a copy of your birthchart. I record your session and send a mp3 file via dropbox. (I recommend you also record, in the rare case that there's a recording error, as I won't be able to redo the session.)

Please fill out the form below, and feel free to send a message. I'll email you to set up an appt. If you don't hear from me, please email me at :

Please give 24 hours notice to reschedule. A no-show without notice or previous request to reschedule will be charged $150 for preparation time.

If you'd like to work with me, I recommend having an astrological session to learn about your chart and current transits in depth.

I'm also available for ongoing counseling or mentoring at a reduced fee, for those who'd like to continue to use their chart for self-exploration, or deepen their studies.